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Available Services

Traditional Burials

Glenwood is an active cemetery offering a range of traditional burial options for a range of budgets, needs, and wishes

Human and Pet Burials

Only a small number of cemeteries in Ontario are able to offer this service, and we welcome inquiries from throughout the province

Natural Green Burials

The un-embalmed body is placed in a biodegradable casket or shroud and buried without a vault so decomposition can occur.

Scattering Grounds

Located along a winding path over an untouched forest floor. Memorial stones or plaques may be purchased to commemorate loved ones


Cremation allows more time between death and final interment for distant family members to prepare a funeral service and a last goodbye

Chapel Rentals

The Stone Chapel built in 1901 retains its charm and beauty of the Victorian era. This limestone building is the centrepiece of the grounds.

Price List

Price List

Click below to view or download a PDF of our current price list.

Prices are subject to change. We suggest contacting us directly to discuss your plans and needs so that we can confirm pricing and provide a detailed and accurate estimate.

Glenwood Cemetery stone statue memorial in picton, ontario, canada

Memorial Products

Memorial Products

Glenwood Cemetery offers a selection of quality memorialization options. Contact us today to discuss pricing, placement, and any other questions you might have about memorial products:

  • Memorial Walkway Pavers: Glenwood Cemetery has designated the walkway to the Cook Fountain and columbaria as a memorial walkway. Engraved stone pavers, in memory of loved ones, are placed along the outer edge of the pathway.

  • Scattering Garden MarkerWe offer a very natural looking marker that resembles a tree trunk. It is ideal for use in scattering grounds  Price includes engraving of name and date and placing.

  • Scattering Garden PlaqueOptions include a classic plaque is available to remember your loved one in our natural scattering forest garden, a plastic plaque placed on sign or boulder, or a bronze plaque oval/rectangular/heart on stake.

  • Granite Companion BenchA striking bench made of polished black granite may be placed in the cemetery and dedicated to a loved one.

  • Cornerstones: A cornerstone is a square grey granite marker which is used to indicate the corners of a grave or family plot. For a single grave, the 6”x 6” squares are placed at the foot end and for a double or family plot at two or all four corners.

  • Cremation Burial Vault: The standard gold colour burial vault protects the urn holding cremated remains keeping it safe from damage. The reinforced concrete container is engineered to support the weight of the earth above the grave. Price includes professional set-up, sealing and installation.

  • Christmas Wreath & BasketsEach year November, Glenwood Cemetery sells Christmas wreaths and baskets as an annual fundraiser in the Stone Chapel. These may be placed by monuments and used in homes and businesses during the holiday season. Wreaths are available with or without a stand and the baskets come in two sizes.


If you haven't found the information you're looking for, we would be happy to help. Contact us today and we'll respond quickly. 

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