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Scattering Grounds

The scattering ground is nestled in a tranquil old growth forest, at the top of Maple Hill Avenue, the highest point in Glenwood Cemetery.


A winding path leads past mature trees and over an untouched forest floor which in spring comes alive with a variety wild flowers including jack-in-the-pulpit.


This is a beautiful and tranquil setting for those who choose to have their ashes scattered. Memorial stones or plaques may be purchased to commemorate loved ones.

About Glenwood's Scattering Grounds 

Licensed and Protected

While it is legal to scatter cremated remains on your own property or crown land in Ontario, by choosing to utilize a licensed cemetery you can be confident that the property will not change hands and be redeveloped in the future. 



The distribution of cremated remains over a wide area increases the rate at which the remains will be re-absorbed into the earth. This is especially true in the undisturbed forest floor where Glenwood's scattering grounds are located. 



Scattering fees are one of Glenwood's most affordable services. Scattering costs just a fraction of the cost of a burial or columbarium, and your fees include a 5" x 2" plaque and the use of a scattering device. 


If you haven't found the information you're looking for, we would be happy to help. Contact us today and we'll respond quickly. 

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