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Many Canadians are choosing cremation over traditional burial for a variety of reasons. Lower cost, simplicity, flexible service options,  environmental concern, less traditional, and more personal.

Cremation allows more time between death and final interment for distant family members to prepare a funeral service and a last goodbye. There are many options available to make the cremation as personal and meaningful as a conventional burial. Once placed in an urn, cremated remains can be interred in a columbarium, buried in a lot or family plot, or ashes may be released in scattering ground as the final resting place.

Your Cremation Options

Cremation Interments

In response to the growing preference for cremation, Glenwood Cemetery has designed and expanded a cremation area for burial in-ground or above ground.



A columbarium or niche wall is for above ground burials. It will provide a permanent resting place for the cremated remains of a loved one. A columbarium has individual compartments or niches; each niche can hold two urns and a few small personal mementos. Inscriptions may be made on the black granite plaque which forms the front of the niche.


Private Family Two Niche Columbarium

This is a private granite structure designed for four cremated remains. Family name can be etched at the top and the two niche covers for names and dates.


Cremation Benches

Four urns with cremated remains can be buried in front of your granite family bench, names an dates can be engraved. Colours are black, pink or grey.


Cremation Lots

In keeping with the increasing demand for cremation we expanded the section around the Cook Fountain and Columbaria to accommodate the burial of cremated remains. We have added small cremation lots for purchase and each cremation lot can hold two urns. The urn can be interred directly in the ground or in a cremation vault. The choice of a cremation vault as part of the interment offers protection for the urn. A second interment can take place in the same grave by opening the lid of the vault. A flat granite marker may be purchased through the cemetery and placed on the grave to commemorate the departed loved one. The cemetery manager or representative will be happy to assist you with the different markers options.


Scattering Ground

The scattering ground is nestled in a tranquil old growth forest, at the top of Maple Hill Avenue, the highest point in Glenwood cemetery. A winding path leads past mature trees and over an untouched forest floor which in spring comes alive with a variety wild flowers including jack-in-the-pulpit. This is a beautiful and tranquil setting for those who choose to have their ashes scattered. Memorial stones or plaques may be purchased to commemorate loved ones. You can read more about our cremation scattering grounds here


If you haven't found the information you're looking for, we would be happy to help. Contact us today and we'll respond quickly. 

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