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Combined Human and Pet Burials

Glenwood is a licensed provider of Combined Human and Pet Burial options. This newly-approved option allows pet owners to be buried alongside their faithful companions in a family plot or niche.

There are some limitations on what animals qualify under provincial legislation, but please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your options and possibilities.

Glenwood offers a designated area for combined human and pet burials, set amongst our scenic 62 acres of rolling garden landscape. Only a small number of cemeteries in Ontario are able to offer this service, and we welcome inquiries from throughout the province.

Facts about Human & Pet Burial

How Does it Work?

The process will begin with discussing your plans with Glenwood’s staff team. A suitable plot will be selected for you and your pet, which then belongs to you. Both you and your pet are interred upon each’s passing, in accordance with your wishes within the plan you’ve put in place.


Where are the Human and Pet Burials?

Glenwood has a dedicated Human and Pet Burial area within the cemetery, as well as a designated scattering area. In the case of scattering, a scattering application and payment of a scattering fee must be completed at the cemetery office before the ceremony can take place.


Do You Offer Burials for Pets Only?

No. Glenwood Cemetery is only authorized to provide combined human and pet burials. We do not have a section or service for pets only.


Do You Offer Green Burials for Pets?

Yes, scattering and interment in our natural green burial area is an option. There is a designated area which is serene, wooded and peaceful. Similar to traditional burials, Glenwood’s service requires that interment packages be purchased for both the pet and owner combined, not as separate packages.


Do You Offer Green Burials for Pets?

Glenwood’s definition of “pet” in our bylaws is “any domesticated animal that commonly cohabits in family households for companionship or support. This term excludes exotic animals, wild animals and any other animal defined by the municipality as a prohibited animal.” If you are unsure if your pet will qualify for human and pet burial, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss.

Considering a human and pet burial?


If you haven't found the information you're looking for, we would be happy to help. Contact us today and we'll respond quickly. 

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