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Notice: PEHS Annual General Meeting

Prince Edward Historical Society

Annual General Meeting 

Thursday, July 4, 2024 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Glenwood Cemetery Chapel

All are Welcome


Toss it, Sell it, Keep it OR Archive it: Krista Richardson will remind us of the importance of preserving pictures, diaries, journals and other documents to capture history.

Funeral Biscuits and Buns: We will sample traditional funeral food from the Victorian era. Mourning Biscuits were not merely meant to be eaten; they were a means of offering comfort and support. When served to mourners, they conveyed a silent message of sympathy and solidarity. The act of sharing these biscuits created a sense of community and helped ease the burden of grief. The biscuits (cookies) varied from community and region. Molasses cookies, ginger snaps, sugar cookies and shortbread were popular. Check out the recipe for these biscuits at

“Food has always played a role beyond nourishment. It has the power to connect us with our past, express our emotions, and provide comfort in times of sorrow. So, next time you enjoy a biscuit, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and heartfelt sentiments that can be woven into every bite.” Source:

Future Presentations: A series of presentations are planned for 2024-25 that will examine the funeral and burial customs and cemeteries. So watch for dates and times.

AGM: The usual business required of an AGM will also be conducted.

Also, displays of some examples of items found clearing out an estate.


Please join us for a tasty and interesting afternoon exploring history.


Contact Sandra Latchford at for 613-922-2139.



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